Preparing the land for gatherings to come. 

Preparing the land for gatherings to come.

After much discernment, we have decided not to have our first in-person Sing Me Home Festival this October. 

As much as we are yearning for the original vision of a multi-day in-person experience, we are shifting our focus to planning and creating these moments in 2022. 

We have been waiting as long as possible to make this decision, leaving the door open for a possible gathering while monitoring the evolving COVID threat in consultation with community members and other festival organizers. The safety of our attendees, performers, volunteers, and staff is of the highest importance to us. With October rapidly approaching this decision feels for the best in order to bring the depth of intentionality and creative spirit to our planning and preparation in order to ensure a safe and successful first in-person Sing Me Home Festival. 

We continue to be grateful for all of the performers and viewers who helped create such an energized and inspiring experience during our 2020 online launch during the early days of the pandemic. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to honor and live into our Sing Me Home mission of: “An intergenerational cultural celebration emerging at the crossroads of music, social justice, and spirituality. Serving to restore and inspire the heart, mind, and soul.” 

We will be celebrating this community and marking the second weekend of October as our envisioned festival weekend by releasing the first episode of the Sing Me Home Podcast on October 10, 2021, featuring festival co-coordinators Chris Good and Seth Hendricks. Tune in for musical performances, behind the scenes stories of the festival’s launch and mission, and exciting announcements on 2022 programming. 

Picture: Queen Ann’s lace in foreground of a giant brush pile on the future Sing Me Home festival grounds at the Manchester Church of the Brethren in North Manchester, IN.