Our mission:  An intergenerational cultural celebration emerging at the crossroads of music, social justice, and spirituality. Serving to restore and inspire the heart, mind, and soul. 

the invitation

In the midst of days ripe with fear and anxiety, Sing Me Home to a sanctuary of compassion and understanding.  

In the midst of alienation, loneliness, and division, Sing Me Home to a community of courage, authenticity and vulnerability.  

In the midst of tired stories and weary souls, Sing Me Home to a gathering that serves to heal, transform and renew.  

In the midst of a world of suffering, oppression, and inequity, Sing Me Home to a vision of resilience, justice, and solidarity. 


"What a moment we are living in. Even as we are in this uncertain and challenging new reality we are finding ways to walk with each other, to talk with each other, to pray on. And we’re going to keep doing it over and over again. What was originally envisioned to be an inaugural, celebratory Sing Me Home Festival gathering in October 2020 has radically transformed, evolved, and rooted down deep into what feels like a more resonant, spirit-filled space. 

If there ever was a moment to Sing Me Home, THIS IS IT." -from initial launch announcement on April 12, 2020

The Sing Me Home Festival is a partnership between the band, Friends with the Weather, and the Manchester Church of the Brethren. In the original proposal for the festival, the church community approved a modest amount of seed money to begin booking talent, launching pre-ticket sales, and pursuing additional sponsorship/grant funding as we headed towards our inaugural festival in October 2020. As the COVID-19 crisis firmly took hold across the United States in the early weeks of March 2020, we were inspired to completely reorient this timeline and create an experience unlike anything that we could’ve imagined even just a couple weeks before. Revisit our Spring 2020 online festival launch of more than 35 dynamic musical acts and inspiring speakers.


Friends with the Weather

Friends with the Weather

Friends with the Weather, a project from the trio of singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalists Seth Hendricks, Chris Good, and David Hupp, celebrated it's debut album release and inaugural performance in September 2016.  A proud member of the Earthwork Music Collective, Friends with the Weather's unique sound blends dynamic musicianship, 3 part vocal stylings, and rich lyrical content. 

Manchester Church of the Brethren

Manchester Church of the Brethren