Fall Celebration recap

Many thanks to the 100+ folks who joined us for a masked, physically-distanced celebration on a beautiful, 75 degree and sunny Fall day. It felt so wonderful to be together in-person even for a brief time on the weekend that…

Late Summer Update

Although we will not be gathering in-person this October as originally planned, we will be debuting some exciting artistic creations on 10/10/2020 in honor of our growing community, emerging at the crossroads of music, social justice, and spirituality. Stay tuned…

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. 

As we stand in solidarity with all who are working for racial justice, we offer a sampling of words and music from some of our Sing Me Home musicians and speakers who are sharing courageously and poignantly…

Week 5 lineup

Week 5 Lineup Reveal: “Sing Me Home with Love” / Local Showcase (Northern Indiana roots) 

Sunday, 5/10 6:50pm - Festival Welcome from LuAnne Harley & Brian Kruschwitz 
Sunday, 5/10 7:00pm - “Peace Works Better” with Jacob Crouse, Zander Willoughby, Tori…

Week 4 lineup

Week 4 Lineup Reveal: “Sing Me Home for Resilience” / Earthwork Music showcase 

Sunday, 5/3 6:50pm - Festival welcome from Chris Good of Friends with the Weather 
Sunday, 5/3 7:00pm - Seth Bernard 

Tuesday, 5/5 11:00am - Chris Dorman family…

Week 3 lineup

Week 3 Lineup Reveal: “Sing Me Home into Belonging” 

Sunday, 4/26 6:50pm - Festival welcome from Kurt Borgmann of Manchester Church of the Brethren 
Sunday, 4/26 7:00pm - Trent Wagler & Jay Lapp of The Steel Wheels 

Tuesday, 4/28 11:00am…

Week 2 lineup

Week 2 Lineup Reveal: “Sing Me Home with Courage” 

Sunday, 4/19 7:00pm - May Erlewine 

Tuesday, 4/21 11:00am - Joe Reilly family concert 
Tuesday, 4/21 11:45am - Rachael Davis 

Thursday, 4/23 7:00pm - Addison Agen 
Thursday, 4/23 7:45pm - a…

Week 1 lineup

Thanks so much to all who tuned in for tonight’s opening Friends with the Weather set. We look forward to gathering again Tuesday and Thursday!! 

Tuesday, 4/14 11:00AM - Peter Madcat Ruth family show 
Tuesday, 4/14 11:45AM - Abigail Stauffer 

Introducing the Sing Me Home Festival

Our mission:  An intergenerational cultural celebration emerging at the crossroads of music, social justice, and spirituality. Serving to restore and inspire the heart, mind, and soul.  

The music you hear in the festival trailer video is Laurel Premo’s rendition of…